Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let's go on an adventure

Now that we have a vehicle i'm definitely planning on going on lots of adventures!

Doesn't our new car look like it's just begging to go exploring? 
I thought so too. :)

One of my favorite drives around here in the Seward Highway along Turnagain Arm. 
The road hugs the mountains on one side and Cook Inlet on the other. It's a beautiful drive.

On our first day with wheels the boys and I took a drive down to Beluga Point. A spot we had passed many times but have never stopped to explore. This is a good spot for whale watching.

Elijah took some pictures too. :) 

We'll have to go back and explore some more this spring or summer. The wind coming off the water was bitterly cold so we didn't stay as long as we would have liked.

Soakin' up the VitD on the tiny amount of skin that was showing! 

What adventures have you been on lately? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No matter where you live there is beauty to be found. 
Take the time to see it.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Anchorage Centennial

Anchorage is one hundred years old this year! We have events happening all over the city this year commemorating the Centennial. 

This weekend the Bear Tooth Theater was presenting a documentary film called Anchorage Is on the history of Anchorage. We went on Saturday evening and really enjoyed learning more about our beautiful city's short but interesting history.

You'll notice the Bears Tooth isn't a regular movie theater. There are a few booths in the back and the rest of the downstairs seating has regular theater seats but with a table in front. You order your food at the counter out in the foyer where there is also a small restaurant. They give you a orange cone and you go find a seat. When your food is ready they deliver it right to your table. Then you can enjoy your meal and movie on the big screen! It's a lot of fun!

"Anchorage Is"… tells the story of Anchorage from its start as a “tent city” in 1915 to the modern town we call home today. Producers John Larson and Todd Hardesty set out to capture the essence of who we are.   A city started by men and women who came to build a railroad and with perseverance and a bit of luck created the economic and transportation capital of Alaska.  The documentary includes the earliest known film footage of Anchorage as well as home movies from the 1920’s through the 1950’s.  There’s also dramatic film of the aftermath of the great Alaskan earthquake of 1964.  The film also showcases the modern Anchorage from the sled dog races along 4th Avenue to F22 “Raptors” roaring from JBER.  Anchorage Is… celebrates Anchorage and it’s colorful 100 years and is one of the Municipality of Anchorage’s Centennial legacy projects.  The showing will also include an introduction by Director Todd Hardesty which includes many historical photos of early Anchorage from 1915 to the 1930’s." - From the Anchorage Centennial Events website.

This is a photo of Anchorage taken in the summer of 1915 when it was only a tent city on the shores of Ship Creek and the Cook Inlet.

Anchorage 100 year later...

It was a beautiful weekend. 
The temps were in the mid 40's with warm sunshine. 

I took a short walk along the coastal trail here in Anchorage on Sunday and took the above photo with new eyes and appreciation after seeing the film the night before.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015