Monday, May 18, 2015

Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise

Just a quick post to share some pictures from our cruise around Prince William Sound yesterday. 
Geoff's mom and dad are here visiting from Northern Ireland for two weeks and we are having a blast sharing our love of Alaska with them.

We took them out on a day cruise yesterday and it was amazing. As usual I took way too many photos. :)

Nana and Elijah enjoying the ride.

When the boat was moving the wind on deck could be quite strong. 
The boys thought it was fun to be blown around by the wind.

We saw over 26 glaciers but were able to get very close to the one in the photos below. 
This one is named Surprise Glacier and we were able to see a huge chunk of ice fall off (called calving) and crash into the water. It made waves big enough to rock the boat! 

We had studied the Titanic in school this year and poor Elijah was very nervous about all the ice in the water.

We were also blessed with a beautiful sunny day.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Welcome May

It's warming up, buds are bursting out on the trees, days are long, and the food vendors are back out on their corners on 4th Ave. Summer is on it's way!

On Friday the boys and I stopped for a reindeer hot dog as we walked the homeschool curriculum fair.

Sunshine at 9pm!

Saturday we spent some time at Geoff's work.
See all that firewood? Geoff split and stacked all that at the beginning of the winter.