Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snow Buddies

Down on the Farm Fall Festival

The evening before Halloween our church hosted a Fall Festival with games, cotton candy, popcorn, and prizes. It was a lot of fun. I think the kids favorite booth was the Angry Birds game. 

Here's Ethan trying his hand at the Angry Birds game. He was a pirate but won that cat mask at one of the game booths so he ended up as a Pirate Kitty. :)

And Elijah's turn!
So many cute kids in costumes!

Ethan's ticket was drawn so he won one of the prizes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So Many Colors

Sunday morning we woke up to all the trees being coated in ice. Everything was white. It was so pretty against the blue sky. I was longing to go out and take a walk in this beautiful new world of white but wasn't feeling up to it because I had come down with shingles last week and I just wasn't up to carrying my heavy camera through the cold.

Monday was a gift in that God gave me so many beautiful view to enjoy from right inside my warm house. I didn't have to go out at all to enjoy these sights. Everything was still coated in white but every few hours it changed. These are all taken off our back porch.

It started out before dawn with a horizon of pink and trees of white.

Then as the sun rose over the mountains it cast it's light and painted the trees in gold.

With the sun high (still very low this time of year) in the sky the white and blue was brilliant.

And finally an amazing winter sunset to close the day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Weekend in Girdwood

On Friday I took the boys down to Portage, which is about an hour south of Anchorage, for a visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conversation Center.  

The sun was shining as we drove out of the city but by the time we drove down to the very end of Turnagain Arm the sky was gloomy. But we weren't going to let that stop us from visiting our favorite animals at the center and meeting the new addition!

The Center has a new Gray Wolf member. Elijah was very excited because wolves are his favorite animal. The wolf is young and needs a pack so until they get another wolf they have a young husky pup in with the wolf. They were fun to watch. They are both young, energetic, and wanting to play.

Another reason we were down that direction was because we were spending a couple nights in Girdwood. The company Geoff works for was paying for dinner and a night at the Alyeska Hotel for any of the employees and their families who wanted to go. 

So after the wildlife center visit the boys and I checked in and headed down to the pool! Geoff joined us after work that evening.

Our plans of exploring the hiking trails around there on Saturday were spoiled by heavy rain all day. But the boys didn't mind the extra time in the pool! :) I totally failed at the photo taking though so have no pics to show from the rest of the weekend!

The rest of the photos are from the beautiful drive home.